A Code to Play By

At Home, or on the Road; Your Roster, Your Code

Be a Part of the Smart Depth Chart

Every Team Needs a Code

Bring your Roster Management into the Digital Era

tagupQR adds new depth to your depth chart by instantly connecting tagup users with your team account and every player profile on your team via tagupScan. Eliminate the hassle of managing, organizing, and printing a separate active roster by integrating your team into the tagup community and utilizing your tagupQR code. If your team account is complete, your tagupQR code is ready. It’s that easy.



Another Roster Change?

Dynamically updated in real-time. In sync with every change made on tagup.

The Days of Wet Paper Rosters are Gone!

We understand change is hard, so we offer two options.

Old School Paper

New School tagupQR Cards

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