Instant Introduction To Any Team

Full team rosters uploaded to your phone so you can swipe, and instantly follow or add to your prospect list.

Replace your one-dimensional paper rosters with tagupScan.

Your phone, their QR code

Syncing you with every player profile on the team!

With the goal of making your game days as smooth as possible, we present to you the future of roster exchange. Every updated roster in the tagup database is marked with its own QR code. With tagupScan, recruiters and coaches can scan team QR codes and instantly download rosters onto their mobile device. Just arrived at a game? Open the tagupCam app, scan the teams QR code, and have every player profile on the field in the palm of your hand. Scout, evaluate, and follow any player on a team from your phone.



Scan the tagupQR code to load the complete roster.



Swipe through, until you find the player you are interested in.



Click follow, and we will add them to your tagupWatchlist.

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