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Do what you do well, and let tagup do the rest.

You know how important organization, preparation , and communication are as a coach, so we have tailored your coaching profile to cover all three of these bases with ease. Managing your digital roster, uploading and using tagupPlays on your players behalf, customizing playlists for your channel, studying film, scouting, and messaging players, coaches, and recruits; your profile aims to give you a vault chalk full of tools to amplify your knowledge. Your tagup profile provides you with the perfect opportunity to turn two; enhance your coaching, and send your team into the stratosphere of social sportsdome.


Your Team Talent, Technology, Tools, Community and Sharing


Create your profile. Sections for Player Info, Player Status, School Info, Academic Info, Summer Team Info, Player Gear


Download the App. Developed exclusively for tagupShowcase for iOS & Android to capture your live action Plays.


tagup your plays. Offensively: Hit Type, Result, On the Bases. Defensively: Position, Hit Type, Result & On the Bases.


Grow your followers. Showcase your talents. Create custom titles. tagup your plays and share on social media.


Maximum exposure from video play database for Coaches and Recruiters that includes over 100+ algorithms and filters.

Not Only for Exposure and Recruiting

Complete Digital Suite of Tools to Manage Film Analysis


No more wasted time in the film room or waiting for interns to cut and splice together practice or game film.

Capture ONLY what you need.
Clip by clip, merged into one video with tagupCompression
Drill by drill
Player by player
Post to a Custom category, like 'Corners'
All uploaded in real-time with tagupSync

3rd Base: Infield Work: Drill-01


Video is posted directly to the players channel so that they may review on their own time.

Custom speed playback setting to quickly scroll through drills, or slow-mo the ones you want to take a closer look at.

Spend less time talking, more practicing.


Efficiency is just as valuable in communication as it is on the field.

Post comments with custom privacy settings to 'All', 'Groups' or 'Individual Players'.


Free 14 Day trial until August 31st, 2020. No credit card required.

Promotion ends August 31st, 2020

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